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Introductory Post

Nobody really knew each other in the old community. If you are willing, fill out this survey and post it in a comment. Everything is OPTIONAL! I understand if you don't want to put your location or picture or anything.




Marital Status:

Favorite music:


Favorite Eats:

Place to shop:



What's your story (why are you in poor skills)?

Biggest financial mistake you made:

Best poor skill advice:

Anything else witty or silly or weird you feel like saying:

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Name: Lauren


Location: Arkansas

Marital Status: Engaged

Favorite music: Grunge/Rock/Techno

Hobbies: Knitting, computer gaming

Favorite Eats: Mexican!

Place to shop:Target, TJ Maxx, Garage Sales


Education?BA Performing Arts, getting my BS in Education

What's your story (why are you in poor skills)?I am a college student, and while I work full time, I ENJOY being cheap. My DHTB and I try to live as cheap as possible. Not long ago we were struggling financially, but we have all our debts paid off (outside my loans which will be paid by the state once I teach for 3 years) in a few months. It feels so good!

Biggest financial mistake you made:Getting a credit card at 19

Best poor skill advice: Learn to be happy with what you have.

Anything else witty or silly or weird you feel like saying: Cheap is not a bad thing!

Ok, I'm game
Name: Meg

Age: 31

Location: WA

Marital Status: Divorced!!!

Favorite music: the cure, clutch, Ani Difranco, White stripes

Hobbies: crafting, movies, reading

Favorite Eats:Thai....anything that takes no effort

Place to shop: Goodwill!

Employed? Full time with benifits

Education? 2 year degree, soon to get 3 more

What's your story (why are you in poor skills)? My divorce left me flat broke. I am a saver. I married a spender. WE divorced in a 50/50 state- I got HALF of the $22k in debt HE rang up in the marriage. I've been paying it off since. My situation has improved, but my miserness has not

Biggest financial mistake you made: marrying a financial disaster, thinking I could help/fix him

Best poor skill advice: don't spend what you don;t have. Stockpile and shop your sales with coupons-get your food free or almost free, and get a TON when it is free. I haven't had to buy cereal or pasta sauce in over a year. Seriously.

Anything else witty or silly or weird you feel like saying:
I do not need help cleaning my PJ's, thanks.
Name: Lianne

Age: 19

Location: Florida

Marital Status: Single

Favorite music: A lot. cursive, the beatles, modest mouse, the white stripes, peaches, of montreal, bob dylan are all in there. It depends on my mood.

Hobbies: bike riding, reading, music, friends, beach, thrifting, cooking, coupons. My friends make fun of me because I have coupons for everything.

Favorite Eats: Pasta!

Place to shop: Plato's Closet (sort of like a Goodwill for brand names only), Salvation Army (i've gotten TONS of cute clothes, especially on 50% off Wednesdays!), and of course, Goodwill. For food, Dollar Tree and Big Lots first. Then Wal*Mart (don't hate) Occasionally, the Navy Base since it is cheap and tax free (my dad is an Air Force veteran so we have military IDs, but the base is sort of far.)

Employed? I have this part-time job near my school where I just type. It's awesome.

Education? High school diploma. Currently a sophomore in college studying psychology and a minor in social welfare.

What's your story (why are you in poor skills)? I have always been very frugal. I was never poor, just really careful with my money. I took after my dad who takes hours at the grocery store comparing prices and it's weight and such, it is embarassing sometimes. I've been making my own money since I was 14. I never ask my parents for money, I just feel really bad. I am lucky enough that they are covering my education, so I pay for everyone else. I just hate wasting in general... I never waste anything and make sure to eat everything on my plate.

Biggest financial mistake you made: I don't think I did anything really bad. I bought a couple of stuff from ebay that turned out to be bad. Also ever since getting a debit card, i impluse buy and eat more fast food from the drive thru since it's so convenient. I started stopping by leaving my debit card at home. I am too scared to get a credit card.

Best poor skill advice: Always THINK THINK THINK before makine a purchase, no matter what it is! Also, compare and compare. I do my research when making bigger purchases to make sure I don't get ripped off and I get the best deal. Also, open a savings account.

Anything else witty or silly or weird you feel like saying: The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised.

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Name: Jessica

Age: 22

Location: Soon to be Dallas, TX

Marital Status: so very single

Favorite Eats: Tex-Mex!

Place to shop: Value Village, Target

Employed? kinda. grad student

Education? starting grad school in the fall

What's your story (why are you in poor skills)? no summer job + grad school wages = poor Jess

Biggest financial mistake you made: not being more aggressive about finding seasonal work during college

Best poor skill advice: try to plan finances out in advance. I'm really bad at this.

Picture: site maintenance at photobucket :(
Name:Kara (But most just call me Moon)


Location:Saginaw Tx

Marital Status: Married

Favorite music:Mix of most but rap and C&W

Hobbies:(read my info page ... might be easier)

Favorite Eats: Italian

Place to shop: None

Employed? House Wife

Education? Some College

What's your story (why are you in poor skills)? Friend reffered me to the original community as a way to help my husband and I save money.

Biggest financial mistake you made: Attending Art Institute of Dallas Tx.

Best poor skill advice: None off hand

Anything else witty or silly or weird you feel like saying: Nawww none

Picture: *not best but eh a picture*
Name: Laura

Age: 28

Location: Westfield, MA, US

Marital Status: Single

Favorite music: Industrial/Goth/EBM

Hobbies: Beading, interwebs, hiking, art, crafts, reading

Favorite Eats: Pretzels, vegan pizza, and nachos

Place to shop: Salvation Army, Ocean State Job Lot (discount store), online

Employed? Not since April. :(

Education? dropped out of art school in '99 after 2 years, going back to school for a BS in psych this fall

What's your story (why are you in poor skills)? I'm poor, and I'mm terrible with money - I never can budget well, I impulse buy way too much, and my credit has been down the tubes for years.

Biggest financial mistake you made: Getting credit cards in college.

Best poor skill advice: Browse the interwebs for free stuff. Join freecycle. Repair things instead of throwing them out.

Anything else witty or silly or weird you feel like saying: I am Batman.

Picture: My icon, but I have more hair at the moment, and glasses.
Name: Jenny
Age: 19
Location: Los Angeles and San Diego, CA
Marital Status: single but taken
Favorite music: indie, electropop: BLUR, arcade fire, death cab, ladytron, modest mouse, etc.
Hobbies: reading, eating, sleeping, fashion, minor dabbling in photography
Favorite Eats: greek food
Place to shop: 99 only store, and cheap clothing stores
Employed? part-time
Education? high school, graduating with a b.a. in sociology in 2008
What's your story (why are you in poor skills)?: grew up poor, poor college student, likely career that will need me to be frugal
Biggest financial mistake you made: i'm pretty good with finances, except for buying clothes online
Best poor skill advice: use credit cards as a positive tool, check for bargains, acknowledge and celebrate your victories every once in a while, saving a little bit for a long time really does add up
Anything else witty or silly or weird you feel like saying:

check out for witticisms
Name: Apollia. Not my real name, just my internet name.

Age: 26

Location: USA

Marital Status: Single.

Favorite music: Everything I like. :-) Especially, video game music, and classical.

Hobbies: My website (Astroblahhh.Com) has more details. And doing my website _is_ pretty much a hobby of mine.

Favorite Eats: French bread pizza, perhaps.

Place to shop: The internet. Oh, and thrift stores, like Goodwill, etc. I got a really good computer on eBay for about $343 or something. I like (no listing or commission fees, unlike eBay). One problem with the internet is the cost of shipping.

Employed? Nope.

Education? GED.

What's your story (why are you in poor skills)? Too complicated for me to feel like writing about. The reason I ended up here in the first place is because I have a discussion forum/member group I'm interested in spreading the word about, Donations & Microdonations for Individuals & Groups - on

By the way, the site works better with the Firefox web browser. The staff explained here that they aren't trying to make the site compatible with Internet Explorer 6. So if you're having problems getting it to load, that (or using a different incompatible web browser) might be why. With Zaadz, Firefox is the best browser to use, or else Safari.

Biggest financial mistake you made: Went into debt. Paid almost all of it off, but then didn't cancel my cards, thinking I should keep them "just in case". Then some family crises arose, and I helped out with my credit, and I ended up in more debt than I had ever put _myself_ into to begin with.

I never should have gotten credit cards, and I should have canceled them as soon as I got them paid off the first time I dug myself out of debt. Can't wait until I can afford to really boycott credit cards.

Best poor skill advice: Stay out of all debt (or, if you're already in debt, maybe swap high-interest debt for low-interest debt). Maybe, cancel your credit cards as soon as you get them paid off so you don't end up charging more to them in an emergency. (Could be risky, though, so maybe not - but I would definitely have been better off if I had done this).

Don't spend a lot of money on things, like retail-price books that you can find for cheap on the internet, or clothes that you can get for way cheap in a thrift store. Buy food in bulk at a discount. Don't eat out (unless the food is extremely cheap). Don't make impulse purchases of frivolities at a high price. Buy things you know you'll be able to resell (preferably at a profit).

Maybe move to a country where things are less expensive, you aren't mandated by law to subsidize the car insurance industry, etc., and there isn't so much income tax, Social Security, a crazy, broken child support system which sends innocent people to jail, etc., etc. I haven't ever moved to another country yet, but I've been wondering if it's a good idea. :-)

See the dentist before your teeth get so bad it's like $700 for a root canal. Consider extraction if it's a relatively useless tooth way in the back - they're quicker, easier and cheaper than root canals or even fillings. Also, although you can't live on Ensure alone, Ensure is a fantastic nutritional supplement.

Anything else witty or silly or weird you feel like saying: A good Plato quote I recently heard: "Justice will only exist where those not affected by injustice are filled with the same amount of indignation as those offended." - Plato
Name: jenne

Age: 28

Location: Connecticut

Marital Status: Singe

Favorite music: Dance, House

Hobbies: reading, writing, rabbits (love my Bacardi Bunny), my min schnauzer

Favorite Eats: Jamaican food, oxtail, and thai/malaysian

Place to shop: Target

Employed? Yes

Education? In college part-time

What's your story (why are you in poor skills)? Cuz I am poor :(

Biggest financial mistake you made: credit cards

Best poor skill advice: Vinegar is the best stuff ever!

Anything else witty or silly or weird you feel like saying: Not feeling witty

Picture: none on this comp (at work)
Age: 40

Location: Madison, WI

Marital Status: Married

Favorite music: all of it!

Hobbies: Internet addiction, cooking, reading nonfiction, learning new things

Favorite Eats: Anything ethnic and very flavorful (Thai, Indian, Mexican etc)

Place to shop: I actually hate to shop!

Employed? Nope. (Homeschooling SAHM)

Education? MS in chemistry

What's your story (why are you in poor skills)? Something about my husband deciding 2 years ago that he hated his secure, lucrative job and wanted to quit to start his own business. He's happier now than he's ever been, so I wouldn't trade it, and he's actually starting to turn a livable profit now (knock on wood). But it's been a rough ride.

Biggest financial mistake you made: Probably feeling like we could finally start living like typical Americans when my husband and I got out of school and had a decent income for the first time ever. We didn't get into major debt or anything, but we should have saved/invested more. We've hit the financial skids a couple of times since then, and I cry over all the money we wasted on clothes and eating out and other stupid things that really could have gotten us out of a bind later on.

Best poor skill advice: No matter how strict your budget, build a small amount of "mad money" into it or find some small way to indulge yourself. Otherwise you are going to start feeling poor and deprived, which makes it much harder in the long run to stick to the budget.
Name: Kate E. Austin

Age: 25

Location: Glens Falls, NY

Marital Status: Single

Favorite music: Rock and Indie, basically.

Hobbies: Art

Favorite Eats: Pizza

Place to shop:

Employed? Yes

Education? About to finish up a BFA

What's your story (why are you in poor skills)? Tips!

Biggest financial mistake you made: Handing my paychecks to my ex (well, he was my SO at the time) and expecting that he'd pay the bills.

Best poor skill advice: Don't treat yourself

Anything else witty or silly or weird you feel like saying: Can we have some cohesion on the new group? there's also poor_skills2 and poorskills ....

Picture: See icon

Name: Jay W.

Age: 27

Location: far north side of Chicago, IL USA

Marital Status: living w/gf

Favorite music: mountain goats, sufjan stevens, the hollies, NPR?

Hobbies: reading, the beach, photography, lj

Favorite Eats: this mussaman curry from thai place down the street, taco bell value menu, beer.

Place to shop: the Caribbean/latino produce market in my neighborhood

Employed? Not currently.

Education? useless B.A. in English. though i had fun getting it.

What's your story (why are you in poor skills)?
i'm pretty ignorant about a lot of financial and legal matters, so i like to read for those kinds of tips. also slowcooker recipes, particularly veg. my girlfriend's veg, i'm not but meat's expensive so i eat a lot of beans and rice.

Biggest financial mistake you made: where do i even start? my senior year i qualified for grants because i was over 24--and they would have covered my tuition and books...but i took out loans anyway to live on, and that was the beginning of the end.

Best poor skill advice: don't get into bad habits! don't put food on your credit card. don't buy all sorts of electronic crap--it'll probably give you cancer anyway.

Anything else witty or silly or weird you feel like saying:
the story about the recalled dollar store toothpaste really freaked me out because i have no problem buying suspicious toiletries from dollar stores.
Name: Black Spot (sorry, but I like my anonymity)

Age: 46 (keep thinking I’m 47 for some silly reason)

Location: London UK

Marital Status: Married with 3 children

Favourite music: Heavy metal, but I listen to pretty much everything

Hobbies: DIY, writing, making animations

Favourite Eats: I’ll eat practically anything

Place to shop: Bon Marche, but I hate shopping most of the time

Employed? Yes, full time – I’m the main bread winner

Education? Did a bit way back

What's your story (why are you in poor skills)? I’ve been lucky that something has always turned up when I needed it, but what comes in goes out. I would like to save more, and spend less.

Biggest financial mistake you made: Like everyone else – credit cards

Best poor skill advice: Sugar soap and soda crystals – the best cleaners ever

Anything else witty or silly or weird you feel like saying: poor_skills is back, but it’s been nice meeting you all

Picture: Sorry
Name: Gillian Zylka
Age: 48 in 19 days
Location: Calgary Alberta Canada
Married for thirty years
FAvourtie music: blues
Hobbies: I love to write, workout, garage sales, read, antique jewelry, clinique makeup, my grown 3 boys, my husband, my two sponsored girls in third world countries, my faith, singing, history, romance
I love Italian food
I love shopping
I have a job as a manager in a romantic bohemian ladies dress store.
I have one year of University. I left to become a mother, my greatest career ever.
I am in poor skills, because my husband is an entrepreneur, and over the years we have made some business decisions that did not pan out. We invested fifty thousand dollars in a cellular phone business with a leading provider, but we found after one year in business that we were underfunded to the tune of twenty to thirty thousand and lost our business. Never underestimate your business costs.
Stay away from as much credit as possible.
I love thrift shops, garage sales, great sales. I love vintage things. We shop at a discount grocery store, and it makes a difference. I got all of our bills on pre authorized payments, instead of letting bills stack up. Learn to find your happiness in relationships with friends and families. Find joy in simple things. Don't think you will be happier with that expensive car or bigger house. Laugh.