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poorskillz's Journal

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Poor_skills gone?? Um, K!
Who knew that trolls could have such power to make a really lovely and informative community diminish?

It's sad, really. I learned a lot from Poor_skills. Someone had to make a second one, and I guess I'm the nerd who did =p

This will be a temporary replacement for discussion unless it revives, which I hope it does! I have so many memories and bookmarks linked to that community.

DO NOT TROLL HERE. Sure, it's funny, but there are maybe 100,000 or so other communities you can raid when you feel like dedicating your life to offending people. Maybe you'll have your 15 minutes of fame and maybe even make it into stupid_free, but you'll simply get banned.

Be respectful of others. We are not here to judge. For example, someone need advice what to do with your puppy since you have to move and cannot bring him/her, do not lecture how he/she is a bad pet owner.

On that page, do not cause of scene if someone offends you slightly. It is the internet and livejournal. It's inevitable. You'll forget it in 30 minutes.

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